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I love Philly AKA Antimatter

This movie is not new. I caught it on Netflix a couple of years ago and I really loved it. There is something so fascinating about Philly. She is a trainwreck and yet, she is confident and has this lust for life and experience that I admire. I have yet to meet one person who likes "Once and Future Queen". I don't even think I know anyone who has seen it. Here is a clip of her being philosophical:

And here is her preforming with the band Eager Meat:

The whole movie is up on Youtube. It is posted by the film-maker, Todd Verow. I like some punk but it's not my favorite genre. I just really enjoy movies that show different lifestyles in a real light. The old-school "Suburbia" is a great example of this. I have known people that live these really fringe lifestyles that scare me, and I find it all so interesting. Anyone else on GT like this movie? I am also open to movie suggestions if you have any.


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