There, I said it. I fucking love them.

I have no tolerance for aggressive driving. None. Weaving in and out of lanes, people visibly pissed off when they are behind someone going slower than them (within reason). People pissed off at pedestrians. People inching and inching into the crosswalk, hoping that somehow that light will change sooner if they threaten to run it. People driving aggressively around cyclists.

I am a careful driver. Admittedly, not the best driver, but I am careful. I don't need to be in front of you. I don't need to get there THE FASTEST. And every aggressive driver I know thinks they are the best driver, BECAUSE they are aggressive. Listen up, assholes, you are constantly putting tons of lives in danger because you need to get to that red light 8 seconds sooner than me. Because you need to get to work 1 minute earlier than you would have. I hate you.

So, I fucking love speed cameras. I love people having to drive the exact speed I am driving. Do I want to have to drive more slowly than is comfortable? No. But I would rather that than deal with aggressive drivers.

They are going up quickly and you don't always notice the signs so it's become true that you need to just always go the speed limit at this point, particularly near schools. I LOVE IT. I love watching people speed past me and get caught by multiple ones.

(This was provoked by me watching someone drive erratically and angrily around someone in a wheelchair who was crossing the street today)