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I love the Fug Girls

I love them so much that I'll read their long pieces, even though I have the attention span of a gnat. Anyway, if you don't know them, they do these occasional pieces they call "Fug the Fromage," where they hilariously recap terrible television/movies, with visuals, and then score the whole thing.

ANYWAY, this week they Fugged the fuggin' Fromage out of "Mannequin," which is a movie many of you do not know, as you are nowhere near old enough, but let's just say that it came out during the height of the 80's hideous excess, and it is the fromage-iest of all fromage-y movies. I remember when it was in the theaters, and I didn't want to see it then, but now it hold a horrifying retro charm.*


If you have some time and a willingness to marvel over the terrible, terrible choices that were made in the 80s, behold:

Fug the Fromage: Mannequin

Illustration for article titled I love the Fug Girls

*if by charm you mean "I can't believe anyone spent money to make this, let alone see this."

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