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*Trigger warning, sexual abuse, rape, drug abuse...

My girlfriend, Savannah*, is an amazing woman. She's quite inspiring to me. I'm really proud of her accomplishments and wanted to share a piece of her story with gt. She's one of those people who makes me feel better for knowing her.

When she started this leg of her journey several years ago, we had no idea where it was leading. When she first shared her story with me, the abuse, the kidnapping, the forced prostitution, I was sobbing. While I too have a long history of abuse, I was gobstopped by some of her experiences.


While this particular interview wasn't in depth, she has been invited back to do a deeper piece. She also travels a lot to do public speaking while working toward her master's degree.

She's done so well at helping other girls and women on their own healing journeys with her willingness to share her own story. This girl has been through it, on so many levels.

I'm a sucker for a happy ending, and hers is definitely that.



*she uses her real name when speaking and sharing now. She's brave as all get out.
*edit-I forgot to add the other link. Posting from my phone is not as simple as I'd like.

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