I hope that the video shows up correctly, because really, it needs to be played to get the full effect.

Anyway, my day thus far:

  • Working, because teleworkers do not get snow days. The only time I got one was because the ice took my power out, and trust me, I would have rather been working.
  • Clearing out snow during breaks. I did the first round because Mr. Cunning kept pretending to not hear me when I said we needed to shovel. Me clearing the stairs alone shamed him into working at freeing our cars.
  • Waiting for the plow. According to our DOT website, our division is ‘underway’, but there are no trucks in our area, and there are TEN of them parked about a mile away.
  • Boggling at my neighbors who are losing their minds. Rather than wait for the plow, they are trying to dig our street out with their shovels. I appreciate the thought, but, uh, where are y’all going to go once you get out of your parking space? The main arteries aren’t clear and nothing is open.

How are your days going?