Look at my haul from Goodwill yesterday.

-1 Bread Machine complete with instruction manuel, $15 (I've now successfully made three recipes from my bread-thread a couple weekends ago, but I got it anyway in case I forget to make dough the night before or something)

-1 (practically new) glass pyrex mixing bowl, $1.99

-1 (practically new) glass pyrex bread pan, $1.99

-2 cute little ramekins, $.49 each. You can't tell that well from the picture, but one is light blue and the other dark blue. I kinda wish there were two more, but I'll take what I can get.


-4 matching ceramic plates, $.99 each.

For a grand total of $21.92.

Also, check out how many cookies my mom sent me for valentines day. I've already ate over ten lol.