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Welcome To The Bitchery

It's no secret, particularly lately, that Tina Belcher is amazing, but I just want to repeat it. I want to mention that I am solidly a fan of Bob's Burgers, and while I couldn't pick a favorite character, Tina is just great. I think literally every character is awesome. Many of them somehow straddle a familiar trope (bumbling dad, somewhat irritating mom), yet those aren't really the defining characteristics, and the family is very loving and supportive of each other (even after some resistance) which is something you kind of lose in a typical sitcom where everyone is fighting and making digs at each other.


If you haven't checked the show out, you really ought to. For me, the awesomeness of Tina came slowly, and after a lot of thought - so you won't be blown away by some sort of Feminist Magic. Tina is a representation of female adolescence I have never seen on TV before. You can tell she is just in the HELL of puberty while trying to figure out her sexuality and her sexual desires, and the fact that this very character exists is so refreshing.


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