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Went to his concert last night. It was his first time ever playing in Ireland. He puts on a great show! It was one of the most enjoyable concerts I’ve ever been to, and it was really fun seeing not just my generation and older, the long-time fans, but some kids coming with their parents — it was this one girl’s first concert, she’d been watching his videos on YouTube obsessively, and we found a corner she could stand in safely and still see Al.


But, why I really love Weird Al . . . aside from the fact that he’s so fun. Remember how when the video of “Word Crimes” came out people were upset that he used the word “spastic” in it, someone emailed him about it and he sincerely and publicly apologized for using a word he hadn’t realized was considered an ableist slur in speech communities that included some of his fans? (There really was a difference in meaning across dialects that he wasn’t aware of.) When he started playing “Word Crimes” I decided to listen a little harder than I had been (I mean, you don’t really need to listen that hard for the lyrics of songs you’re really really familiar with because you know what to expect). . . and I didn’t hear the word at all. He changed the lyrics you guys!

It shouldn’t be such a big thing, but seriously how often do we actually see a situation where a celebrity who inadvertently does something hurtful, not only apologizes genuinely and sincerely but then makes sure to do better next time?

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