I love it. I wish there were 400,000 episodes for me to watch. I love it because they just TRANSFORM people. I love it because while they are harsh on the bad clothes, they are never harsh on the PERSON who wore them. I particularly love it because they never body shame anyone. They help people who have difficult bodies to dress learn the tools to find clothes for themselves.

I do kind of get sick of the constant refrain about "hiding your midsection" or "creating a silhouette" because inside me, I'm like "BUT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT" but I get the point. I also wish the clothing range was a little higher but fuck, for $5000 worth of nice clothes, I'd pretty much wear whatever someone told me.

Also, it's a bit TERRIFYING how they secretly film and ambush these people for the surprise. I'll say that.

I am trying to decide if I have some sort of massive blinders on for this show. Are there any glaring problems here?