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I love winning! -update from yesterday-

Yes! I love being right. Dance party time!

For those of you who read about my roommate buying the new Grand Theft Auto instead of food yesterday, I just got the best message. He didn't get his free meals like normal at work today and is 'starving'. He asked me what the plan was for dinner, so I told him nothing, we have no food in the house and I'm too broke to buy anything, he should've thought of that last night when he was killing 'hoes'. So, he's leaving work in the next half hour, and his mom is going grocery shopping with him (she picks him up from work, he has a DUI and can't drive) and helping him pick up food for the house. Not only do I win, but I'm going to get a refrigerator and freezer full of food, on his dime. And since his mom is going with him, I know it will be decent quality food, not junk. And we'll get fruit and veggies! He hates those things, but maybe his mom will force him into buying them.


I'm so excited I could cry. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about being right or the food! I just needed to share this with people who understand!

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