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Seriously guise, you were all crazy sweet and made me feel so much better earlier tonight when I posted about my fear of being too fat to date people who aren't. I didn't post it with the intention of getting you all to help my self esteem, but you all did for realsies.

The date, for those who are interested, was not a keeper. He told me pretty fast that he finds racist jokes funny (as long as you don't tell them in front of black people), he questioned my bisexuality (because apparently he missed on my profile where it says straight up that I'm bi), and pinched my butt when I got out of the car.

And since you all told me how beautiful I was last time I posted a selfie, LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN! AREN'T I BEAUTIMOUS? IS IT SIDEWAYS AGAIN? HOW DO I FIX THAT?


ETA: this makeup is more ridiculous looking in person. Turquoise and black eyeshadow. Because I can.

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