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I’ve had a rough summer, but this place has been invaluable to me in getting me through it.

When I was feeling particularly low, I always knew that if I posted anything, I would get virtual hugs, caring words and some decent perspective. I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a long time, but this community of random internet strangers has helped me in so many ways.



- opening my eyes to the real world implications of feminism and specifically white feminism directly from people of colour. I knew about this stuff in the abstract, but as many white women of privilege, I do not have have much diversity in my close circle of friends - I have 1 black friend. One. And he’s a dude.

And specifically to the women of colour who post here (or share things from the Salad Bowl and now the Root) your bravery in sharing your stories gave me the opportunity to listen. I want you to know that it’s important what you do because there are privilege people who are reading your stories and listening and not taking them personally. A pertinent example : the Becky post on the root- I found it hilarious and ashamedly found some of my own behaviour outlined in the descriptions. But posts like that give me a way to laugh and ALSO then reflect on my own behaviour, but I don’t engage in the comments because it’s a space for you, not for me. But I get to peek in and take away lessons that I wouldn’t in my normal day to day life. You ARE making a difference. I know that it’s exhausting and the comments can eat at your soul. But we are listening.

- A space where I’m not gaslighted for having feelings related to patriarchal bullshit. And if someone does gaslight me, there’s always a chorus of people calling said commenter on their shit. But I can also recognize that this has not always been the case for everyone (see: POC). But seeing how differently POC were treated for pointing out racist crap ALSO opened my eyes to just how much they are silenced.


- ALL THE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS! ANd not the regular white dudes, just books books books everywhere.

- For generally being a space where I can anonymously get support when shit gets real. Having a space seperate from my real life is comforting. Since y’all are coming at things from fresh eyes, it’s such a wonderful space to get perspective when I’m feeling particularly down and out. Groupething has literally saved my life, more than once because you gave caring words to help me out even though we don’t know each other. I’m alive because of you, Thank you.


Groupethink has made me, overall, more aware, more empathetic and generally a better person. I teach young people and I’m much more aware of the stuggles that many of them face DIRECTLY because of the experiences that people here have shared here.

I love all of you. I hope to one day meet some of you IRL. xoxoxoxo

It’s an open thread! Share away what you love about this kooky groupe of internet strangers!

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