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Woke up in not the best headspace. Went to put on my #1 favorite oversized snuggly sweater for comfort, and discovered it shrank in the wash. Cried to LordSparrow about the sweater for a while, then about the fact that I’m such a damn people pleaser that I end up burnt out and feeling completely unappreciated (the reason for waking up in a funk to begin with). Then my mom group-texted us suggesting this GREAT! idea to take an e-bike tour for my dad’s birthday in two weeks despite the fact that TeenSparrow has never ridden a bike in her life and is currently in physical therapy for her knees. We reminded her of these things, but she’s convinced kiddo will be fine because they’re motorized bikes and she can try it out before we go. So now it’s on us to say no while she’s telling us “it would mean a lot” and “he’d be so happy”. Thank dog for LS, he decided to take the hit of telling her he doesn’t think it’s a good idea while trying to come up with compromises like letting TS use an electric scooter since they’re all over. I just don’t have the emotional energy for this. 


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