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I’m just going to vent for a minute....

We all need to vent. This one, however, puts me over the edge.

We adopted Daughter when she was in her teens. She was a Korean National and willing to take US citizenship. Our final adoption hearing happened 5 days after her 16th birthday. In that hearing we were told that we would legally be her parents, but she was not eligible for citizenship status since she was over 16. Never mind legal adult is 18. She was our legal child but had no right to live in the US unless she had a proper visa. This meant a student visa. We got one for her to finish high school then hit a block for the college visa. She had to go back to Korea and live however for a fucking year and a half before we could get that. Then when she graduated and finished an internship she had to go back again. She’s settled there now because she has no route to legal citizenship here.


And these fucks get it just like that? On the “chain immigration” rule that 45 is planning to dump? We spent 10k we couldn’t afford on lawyers that did nothing, yet she is our US recognized, legal daughter.

Will this ever change?

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