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Dear GT

Please help me act like an adult! As I've posted about a couple of times now, my long-term boyfriend and I broke up about two months ago under really nasty and hurtful circumstances. I am moving out of the country soon, so I was like, "I will be emotionally responsible and not date anyone until I leave!"

That lasted about a month.

So I went on a few dates with this guy who was cute and nice and interesting, but who I'm really just not into. It's shitty because I'm feeling zero chemistry and he's clearly feeling ALL of the chemistry. Then, I met another guy who I am SUPER into and we've been seeing each other and communicating pretty regularly. So obviously I'm kind of ready for things with guy #1 to just fizzle. But he's clearly not.


Here's the issue. I'm TERRIBLE at ending things with people. In my younger and less responsible days, I ghosted on people I'd been going out with for as long as three months. But I have resolved to not be irresponsible with other people's feelings anymore because that's unkind.

So, GT, how do I respectfully cut things off with someone who I've gone out with 5-ish times and who I like personally but am just not interested in sexually/romantically? Halp!

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