Our application was accepted today!!! I’M GOING TO HAVE A DISHWASHER!! This is huge stuff here.

I hate moving so much, but I’m so sick of our too small space and did I mention that the new place has a dishwasher?! Mr. Misfit got a new job, so we’re moving 45 minutes away to a place where we can get 50% more space AND A DISHWASHER for the same rent. That’s what happens in NJ when you can see PA from your house. 😂

I’ve already started deep cleaning and packing even though our move date is eight weeks out. Please throw any moving advice you have at me, again, I hate moving, so suggestions that make it less awful are very welcome! I like having timelines and checklists, they soothe me. I started using an app, but it quickly started to feel a lot like it was a veiled way to find out what I owned and mine my data, so I deleted the app and committed myself to using paper and pen like a Luddite. I might even get a binder. I’m almost definitely going to get a binder.