I’m so frustrated with many people I work with! Part of my job is teaching them how to use GPS units for navigation/data collection. But, most of the time, when I try to teach I get some version of “I can’t learn how to use this, it is just too complicated!”. They will literally be standing there with their smart phones while they tell me this. They seem convinced they can’t figure it out, despite the fact the button to turn on satellites is an icon of a satellite. To zoom in and out is your standard magnifying glass with a + or - in it...nothing too confusing.

My part of the job is harder, I have to make sure the data is all working properly as far as drop down menus and places for them to enter information. But, by the time they get it, all they have to do is tap the icon that looks like a point (and when you hover over it, says “Capture Point”) and use a keypad to enter information like ID number or whatever else they need. It is relatively easy.

Does anybody have any ideas how to move people past their self-defeating attitudes? When they say “I can’t”, it puts up a mental block that makes it harder for them to hear/learn anything I tell them, which in turn makes things harder for me to teach them. I have tried the “If you learned to use your smart phone, you can learn to use this”, but often get a “But the phone is so much easier/more intuitive”. It’s like they’ve forgotten that when they first got their phones, iPads, etc, they were new technology that they had to learn to use, it wasn’t just “instant” (in fact I got a smart phone yesterday, and despite it being the Android OS that I’m used to from my tablet, there is learning I’ve had to do, so I know what I’m talking about). I’m just so tired of “I can’t” when I know they can, and it will make both of our lives easier once they learn.