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I’m so tired of liberals painting conservative women as victims

They’re not victims. Every one of them I’ve met is happy with their choices. These women refuse to recognize any time they’re unhappy, so why are we so concerned with pointing it out to them?

They’re fine being submissive to men if it means they can feel superior to PoC and LGBTQ. That’s it. That’s why they do it.


They don’t feel bad when men shit on them. They feel like a “Cool Girl” by burying any negative emotions that come with that. Or they have a kid and take their rage out on them.

Cate Blanchett can eat my whole ass with her sympathetic and condescending bullshit about Phyllis Schlafly. Gender stopped being a problem for Cate many millions ago. Just like Ellen, she’s cool sidling up to noxious evil assholes. It’s kind of funny to think about - humanity apparently did reach full equality/egalitarianism, but only within the ranks of the 1%.


Do I think Phyllis felt betrayed by conservative men when they refused to let her ascend to a more powerful role? Lol no. It’s a nice revenge story for my progressive soul, but it’s most likely not true. These women are FINE being stepped on. We need to stop inventing victim narratives for them just so we can comprehend the reality that a large chunk of women hate other women and worship men. 

Conservative women believe they are at war with other women, not men. 

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