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Welcome To The Bitchery

Why isn't it easier to meet people I want to be friends with? I had to pick up a doctor's excuse from my OB this morning and when I called her yesterday she told me to tell the receptionist to get her when I got there and if she had time she'd stop out and chat. Before we hung up I thanked her for putting me in touch with my therapist and that she's been so awesome so far. My OB was thrilled and appreciated the feedback for future reference. She thanked me for the feedback and being a patient that follows thru and said "We should get lunch or coffee sometime!" *insert jumping up and down jello gif* THEN she says "We should get a margarita lunch." It took everything in me not to shout "Fuck yes!" I played it as cool as I could and said sure, that would be really great.

I go in this morning and the receptionist gives me a look like I'm a crazy stalker for telling her that my OB wanted to stop out and say hi. My OB ended up walking out just then and gives me an enthusiastic "hi!" and a big hug. She asks how I'm doing, how the peep is, I show her the latest pics and I'm on my way. So would it be totally weird and some ethical grey area if I ended up being friends with my gynecleogist? Would I have to break up with her as a doctor? Am I reading way too much into this and was she just being polite? I'm guessing she's about 10 years older than me, so mid 30s, has a husband, two kids (7 and 5, her daughter shares a name with the peep!). I think I may have talked to her about my personal life more than my BFF in the last year. She helped me get the help I needed for my PPD. I've been seeing her since I was in college, over 5 years now. What's the concensus on befriending your doctor? Yay or nay? Am I being socially awkward again?


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