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I made a friiiiend

I'm generally doing okay with being home. It's quite strange because I've been working continuously since I was 16, and before that I did other non-official jobs (babysitting, tutoring, volunteering). The breeders around here are generally one of three types (generalizations, yes, but whatever):

-Expats who want to discuss nothing but how shit they think it is here. I'm not interested in them.


-Nice Muslim ladies, but they already have their own families and friends and don't really need me.

-Aspirational dicks who think they're special because they live in a nice area. Note that my area is chill and normal and multicultural. The area next to me, which is filled with yummy mummies, is a fancy bag of dicks.

Also, nearly all of my friends are baby haters and are at work anyway. And they're all about an hour west of here, where we lived for years, because we only moved to London a year and a half ago.

So, it's a good thing my lovely applet is such a chill dude and is great company! BUT STILL. I'm used to a fast and busy workplace, and it's not like I can even do my own shit when I'm a home, because I'm trapped under applet, even if he isn't an asshole, still, you know.


Anyway, Applet and I went to the shops today and walking out of one, ran into a lady from my ante-natal classes. I didn't recognise her at first, because my brain is jelly, so I'm glad she stopped me. We had a good chat and swapped numbers and only THEN did I realise I know exactly who she is. She was the coolest person in the class IMHO. Totally NO bullshit, friendly but to the point, asking very scientific questions, nothing fluffy, generally awesome. After we had left, I even complained to my husband that I hadn't gotten her number, because she was the coolest ever. So we're gonna meet up!


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