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Welcome To The Bitchery

I Made a New Friend!

I realize that for a lot of people, this would not be noteworthy. But I know that a lot of us GTers are introverts and/or awkwards and/or have other challenges when it comes to dealing with people (because, ugh, PEOPLE), so I thought y'all would understand what a big deal this is for me! I'm not one of those folks who has a huge circle of friends - I have several friends, but most of them don't even know each other. I'm not a group person AT ALL. I've found that making friends as an adult is hard, and it's been YEARS since the last time I met someone completely new and we really hit it off.


I met my new friend at work, which makes sense since that's where I spend most of my waking hours. She's awesome and cool and funny and we have a very similar outlook on things. I've only met her partner once but she (the partner) also seems cool. Having learned the hard way that work-friends can be tricky - and that incorporating them in to my non-work world isn't always successful - I was very hesitant about developing a friendship, but it's really great! I totally feel like the cool girl is letting me sit at her table in the lunchroom, you know? (Although I'm quite sure that New Friend would laugh hysterically at being that of as The Cool Girl.) It's so much like having a crush - when she texts me outside of work I'm all, "Oooh awesome! A text from New Friend! My day is made!"

I'm a half-century old and I'm still completely amazed and stunned when I manage to form a genuine friendship with another human being. Please tell me you can relate to this!!!

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