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I made a thing!

A few weeks ago I asked some exceptionally helpful Groupthinkers to translate something into Latin for me. I'm making a faux family crest for my father for Christmas. Well, I finished it today and I'm absurdly proud of it, so I'm gonna show it off!

Ta-da! The Latin says, roughly, "these things happen" which is our unofficial family motto. The critter peering rather nobly from the mound is a prairie dog, an animal my father lost a battle with once and we haven't let him forget it ever since.

Tools used: Photoshop to make the image, a fifty cent sheet of scrapbook paper and a $3 frame from Michael's. I'm so pleased with it! I just had to show it off.

Thoughts? :D

(I'm okay with our family animal being a prairie dog. You'd be surprised how intelligent and vicious those little things are!)

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