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So a friend who is also a coworker is moving into my my building on Tuesday, and I wanted to give her something as a housewarming present. She is very fond of wine (who among us is not?) so I thought I would make her a corkboard. I made one for myself a few years ago, and you would be amazed at how many corks it took, and also at the surprising differences in size and circumference of the corks. I figured a cork is a cork and any one would fill a cork-sized space, but I was wrong. The actual instructions for creating a corkboard involve slicing off 1/3 of the cork on one, so it will sit flat on the surface, but I lacked the tools (or the interest) for doing such a thing so in both cases I used a shallow wooden tray and just glued the damn corks directly onto the bottom of the tray.

Here is the housewarming present. I shortened the champagne corks in each corner, using just the rounded top, but the Mumm cork in the middle was left tall so she can hang her key ring (or whatever) on it. As usual, please disregard poor photographic skills.


and here’s the one I made for myself (I took all the thumbtacks and other rubbish off it so you could see it properly). This one took me AGES because it is larger.

In case you were wondering ... not only did I save corks but I asked various neighbours to save theirs as well, because like I said, you need a ton of choice for even the most basic board.

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