Life in general is laaaaaame so I'm not going to weigh in about any of it. Boys...continue to be lame. School is the same. My thyroid has bailed out on me again recently and it's making the daunting task of beginning my thesis seem that much more impossible.


I made a dress and I feel like a fucking champion. I made some significant alterations to the original pattern (and I should note here that I am really, really learning as I go; like, make shit up/youtube tutorial every new skill and hope for the best).

Anyway. I just wanted to share because I haven't been so proud of anything for a while and it feels great. Maybe now I can pull my shit together and start on a serious lifestyle overhaul. Or at least clean my house.



The original pattern is for the Coffee Date Dress by Pattern Runway. (Love their patterns). I opted for inseam pockets and tucks/gathers instead of pleats (the pleats really accentuated my tummy pooch instead of slimming it down...I'm sure the pleats would work for a more slender lady, but that lady is not me).


I also conjured up a new shirt:


I sort of made this one up as I went. There were a few mistakes along the way, but for a first shot at a pattern-free top I felt pretty good about how it turned out.

BONUS PHOTO BECAUSE MY CATS ARE SO GODDAMN ADORABLE IT HURTS (and also because it's the internet, and the internet loves cats. Right, team cat?)


So for now that's all. I'm feeling momentarily light in the face of my hyothyroid-induced melancholy and wanted to share the love. Let me know what you think!