Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thanks to everyone who gave an old crusty lady some input earlier*. I opted for SquareSpace out of 1) laziness 2) money-back guarantee.

I'm going to dox myself now. May take this down later. Maybe not. It's not so much I am worried about having anyone I know connect me to any Kinja posts (the few people in question, I guarantee you, go nowhere near Kinja but you never know) ... so I am having trouble getting worked up about doxing because that's the only way I'd get anyone to look at the damn site in the first place, right?


Here we are! I do a lot of different art, but the thing I pursue for money is pet portraits in costume. Whoever commissions me always chooses the outfit, with some input from me usually.

There are a couple that appear appropriative but the people who ordered them come from the culture that it would be appropriating and gave me images of what they had in mind. Otherwise I'd probably say no (or rather, try to guide in a different direction).

*I am not actually all that old, but definitely crusty.

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