So I haven't been 'round these parts for awhile having come down with the plague, and then another plague struck, and then my doctor didn't re-fill my thyroid meds for a WEEK and things have just been turrrible. But I made a new thing and I want to show you since I can't share it on my social media accounts!

My friend is having a Harry Potter themed baby shower in a few weeks (she is seriously the COOLEST) and I decided to stitch her something! This is only the second thing I've ever stitched but I think it came out pretty well! I had originally wanted to put the baby's first and last name on it but the Harry Potter font I bought was HUGE. The name is two squares off center but I'm trying not to freak out about it. ;) Now I just need to iron and frame it! I hope she likes it!

Also, I've been writing a long serious about my battles with antenatal/ post-partum depression and I'd really like to share them here but am not sure how. So far I have three LONG posts and am working on a fourth and final one that shouldn't be as long, but should I post each part here separately? Do it all at once? Link to my blog? Any suggestions as to what the proper etiquette is?