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I made breakfast!

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I am usually a hard-boiled egg or yogurt kind of breakfast person because of laziness, but today I wanted to make some chickpea pancakes.


I got Jaffrey’s Vegetarian India cookbook back in December and holy fuck it’s been awesome. She has this recipe for Chickpea with tomato pancakes, and another for rice flour pancakes. Welp, I didn’t have tomatoes, nor rice flour, so I kinda made the rice flour pancakes with the chickpea flour.

I made a tiny batch because I live alone and wasn’t sure if I would like them. I also made them like silver dollar pancakes because I’m not particularly coordinated with a spatula and was worried I would fuck up normal size pancakes. LOVE THEM. Taste like kind of in that savory soft baked goods realm like hush puppies and cornbread. The batter is made with yogurt and water for the wet part, with cilantro and onions and chili peppers added to it. I used chili powder as I also didn’t have fresh peppers.


I’m really excited with these. I’m going to go do useful things now like laundry.

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