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i made gluten free pizza...

... and it was good! i bought a tub of the Pillsbury Gluten Free dough (it's by the cookie and biscuit dough in the refrigerated case) and tried that out. you just pat it out thin on a greased cookie sheet, bake it 10 min, top it, and pop it back into the oven. much simpler than working with gf dough from scratch, and better tasting than any of the dozen or so recipes i've tried. it's also dairy free, although not egg-free.

i didn't have much in the way of toppings, so i just used plain tomato sauce and sprinkled it with oregano, parsely, garlic salt, and onion powder. added about 4oz shredded goat's milk mozzarella and some Pecorino Romano (sheep's milk), and sprinkled a handful of crumbled bacon over that. there was also half a can of mushroom pieces on the half intended for my 8 year old. both kids declared it "yummy" and asked me to "get that crust again". hooray!

the rest of us had a pepperoni pizza from Aldi, which was quite tasty, if not as labour intensive :)


how about you? what'd you have for dinner? or what are you having for dinner? or instead of dinner?

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