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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I had a really great post all written and Kinja ate it. Ugh!

You guys are amazing. I was in a pretty deep depression yesterday, and you guys helped pull me out of it. Your kind words and offers made me realise that people are pretty awesome, despite any evidence to the contrary. This is a rather epic corner of the world.


Now, on to my real reason for posting. Even with the very little I had, I made some damn good food. I took the potatoes and made them into gnocchi, which I'm posting the recipe for. I found an expired half bottle of sauce in the fridge, so I put that on the gnocchi. It was delicious! I also followed bumblecats recipe for pasta, which I'm about to eat now. I cooked and shredded the chicken and mixed that with the pasta. I had a little bit of butter so I mixed that in as a sauce for the pasta and chicken. Smells pretty good, so I'm excited. I also made extra pasta to freeze so I can make it in the future. I'm rather impressed by how much I made with so little, I just had no idea that it was possible.

I also have an appointment on Tuesday to file for SNAP benefits. I don't have a computer, just an iPad, so I can't file online. The woman I spoke with sounded pretty confident I'd get something, so I'm excited about that. Those benefits will probably be life-changing. And I found a Food Bank in my area that is open Monday through Thursday, and in exchange for food, you have to volunteer for 2 hours a week. As long as they allow me to sit, I'm going to do that. I'm pretty sure that volunteering will be good not only for my soul, but also my social anxiety.


All in all, my depression is quiet for now, since that never truly goes away. But I've tamped it down and replaced it with action and excitement. And delicious, cheap food. I think I'm going to do a biweekly post about my volunteering and different recipes I find using next to nothing. It'll keep me busy, and it'll give me one more thing to do so I won't think about this curveball I've been thrown. Anything is better than thinking about that!

And I'm posting a cute goat because, why not?


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