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I made it!

Guys! I had Christmas, with my family, and I am not going to prison for murdering anyone, throwing furniture off a balcony, or getting stupid drunk and doing something...stupid. This is amazing because:

  • First Christmas with a stepdad and stepsisters. They are nice but I have nothing in common with them and he moved into OUR home and all that. I thought I would have a change-related nervous breakdown but I didn't.
  • I had to have a Christmas with my dad and his horrible fucking MISTRESS for whom he destroyed my whole family. She is the worst. I want to murder her every fucking moment.
  • I have teenaged siblings, so that is always an extra layer of ARGHALGAHJKGH.
  • My dad only yelled at me ONCE for not being "nice enough" to her. His definition of "nice enough," I'm starting to think, would mean just referring to this woman as "Mom."
  • Most importantly, I have NO PLANS to see my family in the future. It'll probably be next holiday season! I don't have to take another fucking trip to deal with their fucking childish bullshit and go broke on plane tickets and shit for the foreseeable future.

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