First (3 Days) of school DONE. I like it so far. Also I may have severe allergies. But I may also have AMAZING Cow Girl Creamery cheese. Win.

So far, I like the content. Very interesting. I love the instructor for the unit, and my classmates are pretty chill.

Sadly, I was dying of allergies, which is odd. I’ve never had them before. But I got cheese-because I live BY A CHEESE STALL-and it is wonderful. That is wonderful. Breathing normally is secondary to cheese.

But then there’s what I didn’t mention in the title-what? SHE JUST FLIPED THE SCRIPT AND IS GOING TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!

I found out who my ‘real’ friends are. I sound like a Real Housewife saying that, but, honestly, there are people who don’t give a shit about you when you give a shit about you-then there are people who are letting you into their lives and not making you feel like you need to prove your worth. It’s nice.

You know what else is nice?


Kanye being a close second. Sorry you came in second, Kanye.