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I made it to Morocco!

First, I want to thank Notorious GIGI, KaraBiber, and the other Jezzies that gave sound advice before my trip. And I am happy to say that I had an absolutely amazing time. Like, life changing, makes you want to hug the universe, I can’t believe that this is my life kind of trip.

Here’s a recap of my experience that can hopefully help others should they be contemplating a trip to the lovely North African destination. I didn’t actually stay in Agadir, I was in a small town about an hour away that is very popular with surfers. Because of this makeup, women can dress differently than if you’re in Marrakech or even Agadir. I mainly wore leggings and knee length dresses with no problem. The one time I wore leggings with just a long sleeve tee, I felt more eyes on me since the shape of my body was much more apparent. Not harassed, but definitely noticed. I went surfing and it was cold, so everyone had on a wetsuit. When a girl asked me to take her picture and she took off her wetsuit and reveled her bikini, again, people noticed and a few made comments.

In Marrakech, I started my time there in a sundress that came to my knees and a jean jacket and felt exposed. Like, men looked down at my legs and I ended up buying a pair of black jeans (since I stupidly left all my leggings in Agadir and had no pants with me) since it was freaking freezing and I didn’t like the attention. The next day, I wore a long skirt with a waist length shirt and actually had guys compliment my outfit.


In all, I found the people (mainly men since I encountered few women) really nice and respectful. It was cold, meaning it was natural to have on sweaters and jackets, which made the whole covering up thing easy to achieve. I don’t know what I would do in the sweltering heat of the summer.

I also think that having natural hair and being a WOC helped in that the people generally left me alone. I perfected the “no thank you” without a smile to the sellers in the market that clearly told them I was not interested. And the only time I actually felt harassed was on the bus from Agadir to Tagazout when an old man sat behind me and kept trying to chat me up. Other than that, I felt really safe.

So as one solo female traveler to another, I say go to Marrakech and enjoy it. The parts of Morocco that I saw made me love the country and I really want to go again. I met some really cool people in my hostels, saw the night markets, and I think I’m officially a new born surfer girl. A girl I met in the surf hostel and I are actually planning a trip to Bali for surf camp =)

One word of caution, the water in Agadir and around is gross. You cannot drink it, you cannot brush your teeth with it. And I think my vag did not like. So much so that I actually went to the gyno when I returned home because I thought I had BV. My friend had mentioned the water and vaginal health before, but I totally forgot about it until I noticed an unusual smell and some irritation. So do what you can to keep her balanced and happy.

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