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And I think it’s pretty cool.


In my never-ending quest to double up on my spazziness—I woke up at 2am this morning and my brain was ON FIRE. I still haven’t slept.

I’ve been continuing to experiment with watercolor and it’s a super fun medium, I like that it’s both forgiving but also forces you to let go a bit. I’ve been doing mostly abstract type stuff, because that’s my jam, I will leave the realism to the experts. I wanted to combine painting with something tactile. I was inspired by Jane Denton, whose work is on my wish list. I used embroidery thread, which maybe was the wrong choice? I am not that precise and I have no patience so it’s a little messy.

The palette was inspired by this swatch of fabric I got forever ago, it’s been pinned to a board forever. Still having some trouble controlling color. I have a lot to learn!

Anyhow, I wanted to share, because I LOVE IT. I would have to charge a gazillion dollars for an original, though. Because my fingers hurt like a motherfucker and it took me hours.


I’d also love to do custom pieces of the planets (see below) and you could have your favorite planet stitched! I’m a fan of Pluto myself. Which, yes, I still consider a planet...

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