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I Made You a Present

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I thought we needed a condescending Wonka after the number of obvious men in the last hour that I've seen explaining to women that we are required to figure out in advance if guys want us to be honest in a rejection or nice, because that's totes more important than women considering their personal safety; getting mad that people are discussing "women's firsts" because it divides by gender which is totes sexist, yo, I mean, unless that was actually a dude; using burner accounts to butt into an article about more BS against Wendy Davis to explain to women that he's unbiased on these issues because he's an independent but those abortion restrictions are... well, it's just shocking that they weren't there before, since he'd just assumed, and besides, [blatant misstatement of statistics pushed as an agenda by LifeNews and Fox], therefore it's the will of the voters....


I declare a gif party. I shall open with:

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