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Welcome To The Bitchery

I married the best man ever

HomeyHeart on Emma Watson and the HeForShe campaign:

First, he emailed me a link to her speech.

Then, over dinner, he was talking about it:

"Did you watch the video yet? It made me cry. I'm thinking about joining Twitter, so I can Tweet support for her. [This is a big, big deal for Homey, who's very anti-social networking.] Because did you hear? Some assholes on 4chan want to release naked pictures of her. I can't believe those guys! 'Oh, a woman has an opinion, let's punish her!' What the fuck? I was looking at the website to see if I could donate money or if they had a t-shirt or something. I wish they had t-shirts! I'd wear a HeForShe t-shirt! People need to know about this campaign and that men can be feminists."


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