Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today was cold and rainy and it likely will be for another month or so until rain. So, I cooked and de-squalored.

I knit a mitten (2nd is forthcoming), made butternut squash risotto with fresh sausage, made yeast-leavened apple bread, mulled cider, made pizza dough (for dinner tonight), did laundry (still need to fold), cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my crafting mess from last weekend, planned meals for the week and started prepping them (made marinades, sauces, etc so it is just chopping veggies and cooking stuff up after work), grocery shopped, and put away summer stuff, cleaned up the deck.


I am going to sit with my spiced cider and knit a bit more then vacuum and fold the last of the laundry.

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