Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I may be cursed.

That is the only explanation for my life right now. Last week I had the cold from hell, and just as it was finally starting to get better, it took a turn into what I think is Sinus Infection Land. And now it appears I may have a stomach bug on top of it. And also I have a wicked headache.

On top of that, I have midterms and can't afford to miss any more class, since last week knocked me out. Mr. Toad also has midterms and is in the midst of the job hunt and is facing telling his parents he's an athiest over Thanksgiving (he's afraid they might disown him) and is basically a wreck. Since we've both been working so hard lately we've had very little time to ourselves to just be together, which we both need. Also my period is technically 2 days late but I've been weirdly irregular for the past few months and I've used condoms 100% so I am probably just stressing myself out right?


Please send gifs, advice, or ancient curse-breaking rituals.

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