You guys! Remember how last week/earlier this week I was feeling ultra-depressed about my job and how boring and unfulfilling it is?

Well, it was the culmination of a long time of feeling that way. And it was a catalyst. I may have figured out a plan. And I partially have you guys to thank for it.

I realized that I have never considered going into a STEM field because I'm not naturally very great with math. I still did OK, I made it through college physics with an A, but it took me 3x as much work to get that A as it did with English classes. Except I've always loved botany and anything to do with plants. My first answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up" was a florist. I had a garden my whole childhood. The one good thing my dad (who majored in forestry) ever did for me was teach me about native Oregon plants. GreenHunk pointed this out to me the other day and I was like "huh. I wonder why I don't go back to school for biology?" There are more teaching jobs in STEM, and research positions would not necessarily be stuck in a lab, at least for botany (YAY. I hate working indoors.) Then I was like, "hmm but how will I afford this?" And I remembered what you guys were saying about Americorps. They have several programs in my state, and even in my town, that are plant-related, and since a lot of botany jobs are with the government, that would be a good thing for me. And they give you about $5500 a year in scholarships for each year you volunteer. I'd be poor, and it might be hard, but it's POSSIBLE!

I still have a lot of details to work out, and I am nervous and feel pretty strange about the idea of totally starting over when I already have an MA. But I'm also excited. I missed school so much. I have been so disappointed that I don't get to teach or research or learn anything new at my job.

So thank you, all of you, for listening and offering suggestions!