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I May Have Just Lost All of My Eye Makeup

So the Cardinal and I just moved into our new apartment, and I had boxed up and carefully padded all of my makeup into separate containers — ie. lips, face, brushes, etc. — but I can’t find my eye makeup box anywhere.

Which is devastating because I’m a massive product hoarder and eye makeup is literally my favorite type of makeup.

But — being that I am a terrible hoarder — it did make me slightly excited to think I’d actually be able to go out and buy some new stuff without guilt.


So when all of the dust has cleared, what would I immediately repurchase as a “staple” item?

For shadow, Charlotte Tilbury’s quads are insanely gorgeous and really blendable. I had the Dolce Vita quad, which I would absolutely buy again:

For pencil liner, Marcelle actually makes very cheap and very buttery, easy-to-smudge liners that I love. I’d probably get a neutral brown to start:


For liquid liner, Stila really is the best. Although I prefer their brown because black is too harsh with my coloring most of the time:


And for mascara, I feel like you’re hard-pressed to find much that’s better than Maybelline’s The Falsies at a similar price:

And I feel like that’s enough, tbh — eye primer is a luxury and zany/multiple colors are nice but rarely used.


Anyway, GT — what would you immediately repurchase if you lost all of your favorite type of makeup?

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