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I may have made a huge mistake

I've been going out to dance regularly for about 3 months. As with any scene, I have been meeting more and more regulars and have been accepted as one of them. Several people I talk to on a regular basis have friended me on FB, which is cool. I'm not someone who goes out and friends lots of people.

One woman friended me this morning. I've been hanging out with her for weeks and she's sweet in person, but omg, the things on her FB today?!

I have checked FB more than usual because another friend had a double mastectomy today. (She actually just got out of surgery about 40 minutes ago. As of the last post her husband was waiting to speak with the doctor.)


Today, she has posted the following things:

  • An article about the Ebola czar missing the first 2 meetings about dealing with ebola and an all caps response about doing a job and leading (I agree with the message, but not in all caps at 6am.)
  • A posting about an article declaring there is no voter fraud (presented with no comment)
  • An article about the enerovirus and all cap commentary on how we should be closing the border because babies are dying.
  • A picture from "Right Wing News" with an Ebony cover and a mock up of an "Ivory Magazine" with a WASPy couple on the front and statements about racism.
  • An article from Conservative Times about a woman who posted a picture of her neighbor in her yard with the message "This man carries a loaded gun around your children everyday" because she found out he had a CHL with an all caps rant about how the CHL carrier should post the neighbors picture in his yard with a message about how she is unable to defend herself (because bad behavior is best responded to with more of the same). The article doesn't even say what state they are in, much less city.
  • An article about a Muslim woman being kicked out of an Opera House in France because she was wearing a veil. It is accompanied by a rant about how ridiculous Burkas are.
  • An article about new forensic evidence in the Ferguson case and she has a long rant about supporting the officer and calling Michael Brown a thug.
  • An article presented with no comment titled "Neuroscience Student Shows How Meditation can Vanquish Mental Disorder."
  • A couple of articles that say Wendy Davis has called Greg Abbott racist presented without comment. I don't want to click on those, so I may look around for what actually was said later.

She has posted more crazy than the relatives I have that I consider crazy conservatives. I guess you really don't know someone until you see the stuff they don't even question putting out there on Facebook.

ETA: I have Unfollowed, but not Unfriended her. She really is sweet in person, but she lives on the same side of the city as I do. I'm glad I found out all of this BEFORE I agreed to hang out outside of my weekly trips to the club. That could have been really awkward. The persona she has on FB seems very angry and inflexible and is completely at odds with the person I feel like I've been talking to in person.

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