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I May Never Skate Again...

My orthopedic surgeon referred me to a really prominent neurosurgeon in my area, so I made an appointment for yesterday, despite the fact the guy is out of my network. At this point, even if it means me racking up more medical bills, I need answers. At least you can pay medical bills a little bit at a time, right? Right?!

So, based on some initial x-rays and tests they ran, it looks like I might have permanent nerve damage resulting from a ruptured disk. They're going to run a EGM and nerve conduction study in addition to an MRI to verify, but my symptoms fit. The thing that makes me rage beyond all raging is that the very FIRST doctor I saw when this shiz went down (2 years ago) was a spine specialist/neurologist. They took x-rays of my back and VERBATIM, the doctor told me, "Everyone's lower back looks different, so I can't tell if anything is wrong with yours. Your upper back looks great though."


All my pain was in my lower back. The nerves affected would have to be from my lowest vertebrae. She just told me to take more ibuprofen. If it turns out I have permanent nerve damage, I honestly blame this doctor. We "ruled out" disk/nerve problems because this doctor said I was fine and to just go to PT/take MOAR ibuprofen. This also was the doctor that refused to give my other doctor copies of my x-rays. My other doctor tried for THREE MONTHS to get their office to send over x-rays, and they never did. I even tried calling and they wouldn't release them to me, which my new surgeon says is against the law. The idea of being stuck like this makes me really sad, but I'm trying to not think about it. Being strong was such an important part of my mental health. I was able to be healthy and conquer aspects of my past because I focused on being physically strong. Besides, I love playing ice hockey.

Does anyone have any experience with permanent nerve damage? What about EMG tests? Do they hurt?

Anyway, it's my birthday next week, and I had wanted to see if some DC GTers wanted to go out and do something either next weekend or the weekend after, but I've been too brain-fucked by the appointment yesterday to formulate a post. If people express an interest, I'll write a separate post. :)


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