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I may or may not be sleep deprived, stressed, and a little buzzed...

Random ranty rant! About stuff! How are you guys? I'm taking a break from my final paper...

I missed you guys, GT. I feel like I haven't had time to really be on here much lately. But I finish school Monday, and then I will have ALL THE FREE TIME IN THE WORLD!

Big things are afoot around here. I will be quitting smoking June 17th. Or attempting to. I figure that's the best time since I will no longer have the excuse of school stress, and it's the day after I get back from my 3 day mini-vacay with MitsuBT, so I should be nice and relaxed. I've got 3 boxes of nicotine patches, a shit ton of sugar free gum, and plenty of toothpicks at the ready.


I'm going to get back into a regular work out regimen once school is out, too. That'll be exciting. I seem to have lost a bit of weight over the past month, and it's not intentional, it's from stress and MitsuBT taking up so much of my time that I have been forgoing meals in order to get homework and work work done. Not good. I want to be healthy again (see: quitting smoking above). Right now I'm trying to run and/or walk about 12-15 miles a week, but I am not regularly hitting that goal. I hope to make it a solid 15 a week for a few weeks, then slowly ramp up to hiking and more strenuous workouts.

I'm super nervous about this trip coming up. I'm such a super awkward person and I am anxiously imagining all the ways this can go wrong.

Also, speaking of MitsuBT, the conversation about our age difference actually came up last night. Apparently it doesn't bother him at all. Not one bit. It came up because he said something about people wearing hats backwards "like it's still 1995" and I pointed out that he was 4 years old for a majority of that year. I have officially deemed that anyone born in the 90s cannot critique 90s fashion. JNCOs were/are awesome, fishnets are the best type of hose, flannel is comfy, and safety pins are an appropriate accessory. Haters to the left.

And, as a thank you for reading my rant, I give you this:

Back to school work now...

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