Skipping all the details of how/why/etc. to avoid giving TMI about my IRL (ACRONYMS. I HAZ THEM), the guy who is one the most annoying trolls/unfunny douches/obnoxious assholes on one of the sites I oversee, popped in my office today (he's not stalking, he's friends with one of our on-air 'talent', which is why he started commenting in the first place.) He thinks he's hilarious. He is the equivalent of someone farting during a eulogy. AWFUL.

Worst most awkward 10 minutes of my life. Worse than last year when I had to get my temperature taken where I poo during a trip to the ER. Worse than the fact that I had to call my ex-boyfriend to drive me there because my BF was out of town and NO ONE else of all the hundred million fucking people I know here was available to help me. Worst than the fact that my ex-boyfriend had to stand outside the room while they took my temperature...where I poo.

This was fucking worse.

He was as douchey if not more than I expected. He tried to be just as funny and obnoxious as he does online and failed even worse. He brought his daughter.