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I have had many famous customers at work, but nothing has nor probably ever will top the five second interaction I had with Harry Potter today. The funny thing is I was just thinking about him- I watched the movie "Zoo" last night and was thinking about his role in Equus. When all of a sudden this girl came up to pay her bill and the guy with her pulled out a twenty cuz she didn't have cash and I thought "man that guy next to her has a strong jaw. It's just like Dan Radcliffe! He's pretty pale and short too and OH MY GOD HIS ACCENT IT IS HIM IM GONNA DIE.". I managed to keep a mostly straight face throughout, but it was so strained I'm sure he noticed. For some stupid reason my eyes automatically drifted to where his scar would be. You know, if he were actually a boy wizard.


He tipped me, you guys. He tipped me and then disappeared. He *disapparated.* After he left I ran up to my coworker and started gushing and he said "You hadn't met him yet? He's in here all the time. Short, isn't he? "

I can now die happy.

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