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I might be crazy...

Christmas Eve (when my family opens presents from one another) is 7 days away and I have three quilts that I’m wanting to make for gifts in the meantime. Also, I’m leaving right after work on Tuesday and going home, so technically I only have today through Monday to work on said quilts. Looks like I know what I’m doing after work and ALL weekend now!


Obligatory filler image so that my other image isn’t front and center. Also, this image indicates how absolutely crazy and bonkers I am because I’m trying to do this by Christmas.

Okay, so on to the quilts! I am making two of the same kind of lap-robey size for my 5 year old nephew and his daddy (my bro). They’re 48” x 58” finished, so couch size. My nephew LOVES Marvel superheroes and I found some superhero fabric that is good for big swatches in the center, easy peasy. I put this fabric actually into my design because it was unique enough that I could find it online. The other fabrics are coordinating prints that I found and are represented by color only in the design.

Illustration for article titled I might be crazy...

Whoa that’s huge! Anyways, I know it looks kinda crappy sketched up like this, but it was the best I could do to design it. The colors on this diagram are actually really simple prints that are just kinda majorly those colors. Tone on tone kinda prints.


Good? Anything I should change? Mass producing this shouldn’t be too difficult! I definitely have enough fabric for two, probably have enough for 3 or 4 cause I always tend to overbuy when I have yet to draft a pattern! Who knows, maybe I’ll do an after Christmas groupthink giveaway of an extra quilt if anyone might be interested?

Now, for my other nephew, who is a baby, I was thinking of doing a christmasy baby quilt. I have no clue on what layout to choose cause I’m not overly inspired by the christmas fabrics I bought for this project. It was a fat quarter set with five fat quarters - one with a dominate print (it can be used as a big section, or fussy cut up and incorporated into the quilt), and I bought another coordinating fabric, so six fabrics total. I’ll probably just do something I find online that looks simple, but so far these are my options to do variations on:

1. Patchwork-y

2. Extra Simple Modern

3. Slightly more difficult Modern

4. Other. I have no clue!

HELP! What’s your vote?

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