Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A guy who owns a travel agency specializing in PWD travel wants me to work for him! Which is exactly what I want. He needs to double-check some legal stuff since I haven't graduated but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It's really hard for PWDs to start low-paying jobs. (This is what it would be until I gained client trust, experience, and bigger commission.) We lose benefits from the government if we make a certain amount. So if I make more than permissible, but still not much, I'd get fucked. We basically have to make decent pay to make up for benefit loss or we're screwed. But this guy has six kids with disabilities, so he said he would make sure I made an okay wage and didn't lose benefits I rely on for the time being.

This is like a dream. Next think you know, I'm gaining experience as a travel agent while I work towards graduation!


EDIT: They also specialize in LGBTQ-friendly travel so that makes them even cooler because EVERYONE deserves to travel safely and with ease. :)

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