Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I might not make it to July

It sounds like there are stampeding elephants above me. And surrounding me. I'm not sure what the woman above me is doing at this point. But every step she takes shakes my entire apartment. Sometimes she walks so heavily, the light in my kitchen gets brighter—I'm not even joking. This goes on 24/7/365. She's always home. It's like she knows when I'm going to bed and decides that she needs to rearrange furniture directly above me. My bf works from home and she does the same shit then. I am going INSANE.

Not to mention the fact that a group of kids that don't live on my floor decide this would be the best floor to play tag on, or set up their basketball hoop and play basketball on. Since they've been out of school for spring break it has been going on NON-STOP.


Please send cases of palcohol my way.

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