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I miss you all

Hey GT. Just wanted to pop my head back in for a minute. I miss you guys.

Sorry I haven't been around much (or even responded to comments on a few of my previous posts). I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to get my shit straight, and part of that involves spending a lot less time on the interwebz.

I guess I can recap some of the things that have been happening recently. I got sort of dumped by a dude, which sucked for a minute. One of my closest friends and her daughter who I adore moved to Texas, and I miss her a lot. I almost got involved with someone but I actually ended things myself after about 2 weeks. He's an old friend and we're still good, I think (hope) he understands that I just gotta be by myself for a while. Too much to do and all, not enough time spent single, you guys know how it goes. I feel like maybe I should be a bit proud of myself for recognizing that this is not good for me right now and ending things? *Shrug.


I'm graduating in January with my degree in English and journalism. I still want to do the medical research thing but I just, eh. I feel like this degree is a boulder I've been carrying around for 5 years and I just really need to put it down already before I try and pick up a new one.

I got my learner's permit! I'm hoping to have my license by the end of the summer.

In the fall I'm going to start looking for a better job for once I graduate, so I can start saving up to move out. I love my mom and grandma so much but...it's time. I need my own space. I've also come to the realization that I may be more introverted than I originally thought.

Oh, this is sad but...my pet rabbit passed away while I was in Texas. It turned out that she was sick with tummy problems for a while and no one knew. The Prince buried her in his yard with my other pets that are in pet heaven. It was awful coming home and not seeing her cage in my living room. I've lost so many pets, man. And it never gets any easier.


I'm still doing the therapy thing, and I'm trying to get back into martial arts soon. I have a doctor appointment this week to check out my shoulder and see if it's okay enough to fight with. Wish me luck.

That's about it, I s'pose. I know the tone throughout this post is a bit sad. Just a lot on my mind and all. Stuff and things. I'm alright. Just tired, mostly.


How is everyone? Things going well?

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