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I moved guise

I'm so tired. Good god. But I moved. I have my room and bed back. It's MINE.

We're not even close to done. The old apartment still has a ton of stuff in it, and we have way too many boxes because my mom and grandma have way too much stuff. I have 5 boxes. Five. They have dozens upon dozens.

I have been lifting and moving stuff all day. I can't move anymore. Tomorrow we have to unpack more, I have to set up my desktop and TV and Xbox. We still have painting that needs to be done and the floors aren't finished. *sigh. We're getting there, slowly.


Oy, my poor cats. The girl is okay. She's roaming around exploring and while she's a little nervous she's fine for the most part. The boy won't leave the cat carrier. He's just lying in there and refuses to come out. I feel so bad. I put his toy in there with him and placed food and water right next to the carrier, and I have him in my room (MY ROOM), so I'm hoping he comes out soon. He's so upset and confused :(

But overall, I'm happy. I have more fun things about the move to share, but for now I'm gonna watch something on Netflix on my iPad and sleep.

Goodnight, GT. Thank you all for being here for this adventure with me.

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