I love making and decorating cakes, even though I'm admittedly novice. I make everything from scratch and even though it stresses me out sometimes, I enjoy doing it.

So I volunteered to make the cake for my FSIL's bridal shower. Stupid. I tried to replicate this cake idea. Even stupider. My cake is a total wreck. The recipe I used didn't get as big and fluffy as I wanted, so I improvised and made just a 9x13 two-layer filled and frosted cake. Because of this I needed to make ANOTHER BATCH and make cupcakes. Except for some reason the cupcake wrappers my BF picked up were HUGE and barely fit in the pan. They actually turned out fine, so at least there's that, but they only yielded 14 cupcakes. :-/ Then my icing turned to spackle (it's delicious, delicious spackle, but didn't frost as well as it should have). And my fondant tore as I put it on. This was after I'd rolled it out for what seemed like ages, only to have it STICK TO ITSELF on my rolling pin. I cried for half a second before I got rolling again. I improvised a border around the bottom and patched some fondant hearts around the bottom to hide some corners and mistakes. This is what it looks like after hours and hours of tears:

They're covered in white from the powdered sugar from rolling them out. I plan to spritz with some water tomorrow to dissolve it (maybe? any tips?). Also please note the big hole behind heart #3; that was a spot where the fondant tore and I patched it. I came up with the hearts to try to cover that monstrosity up. Sigh.

So then I tried to assemble the dresses. WHOA nelly. I tried to get them to stand upright with marshmallow because that's literally all I have left, and it looked like it was going to work but then the tops started flopping over. They're in the fridge now, propped up with assorted baking tools in the hope that the marshmallow will harden and they'll stay in their shape. But the marshmallow that I tried SO DAMN HARD to put on neatly got all over the place when they toppled. And one blue dress is ripping but I DON'T CARE.

Now it's 12:12, I have to get up early to finish this damned monster and leave no later than 9:30.


TL;DR: I need a hobby that I don't suck at and that doesn't make me want to pull out all my hair.